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August 17th, 2016

08:10 pm: Lol
Later in life, ESTP s are likely to bond with a mature ISFJ who can provide the ESTP with tender care and stability in exchange for some much needed excitement. This kind of union is poetically symbolized in the adventurous hero ESTP who comes home to his loving ISFJ nurse, soothing his wounds from battle, passionate loving and then back outinto the wild and dangerous world.

From http://atakis.com/joop/show-profile/type/estp/#t-5

Why are ESTPs always assumed to be guys though? XD and where the cool ISFJ nurses at?

March 9th, 2016

12:24 pm: Me

December 31st, 2015

05:23 pm: 明けましておめでとう!

So...  it's 2016 in Japan now! 7 hours to go for me!

よいお年を! (/^o^)/ ~☆~☆~☆~

December 13th, 2015

06:18 pm: Nice.

Current view of my friends feed on the official LJ Android app.


But, I can view pretty much any journal or community... except thequestionclub. Which is my most viewed community and where I like to go feed my brain whenever I have a 5 minute break.

LJ, get this fixed!!! Please. 🐶

P.S. On 12/14, it seems to be fixed. Seeing some entries on the feed now! Can't scroll back indefinitely though, only seeing entries from yesterday on.

April 9th, 2015

06:52 am: Note to self

Don't rely on buses that are on time only 45% of the time.

December 15th, 2014

02:56 pm: Just taking a moment to breathe
And sip some starbucks refresha. My honest opinion: tastes a little like pickles, but manageably so.

Ahh. I've been filing all day, with a machine and manually. Filing is boring and monotonous. I also got a pendant idea but i'll need wood for it. I have no idea where to acquire this wood. I also have second thoughts about using wood, since i would have to sculpt it into shape with my files, and i think i should be a woodsmith in order to do that and i'm no woodsmith.

The truth is that i need to dance. Soon. How that is going to happen, i have no idea yet. I can only pray the westie gods. Pleeeease!

I think i should do something else besides filing now, just for a change =x

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December 5th, 2014

02:21 pm: how i love my singing teacher :)
she sent a group e-mail this morning, reminding of our dress codes, rehearsal times etc for our concert on sunday.

she also added the following reminder:

"just a friendly reminder: please avoid wearing perfumes and scented hairsprays etc.

i know that perfumes are sooo adorable, but remember that there are 85 of us performing and if each of us is wearing our loveliest perfumes, asthmatics will faint and our voices will get killed. :)"


i knew those cigarette fumes were no good! however, i practiced this morning and my voice was just fine. i'm recovering my high range, and subsequently, losing my lower notes.. how do mariah carey and christina aguilera do it? i was listening to xtina this morning and she sung very low notes and then leapt very high. amazing! then again, her face looked like she was really working xD

it's raining. two weeks ago, it snowed. damn you, bipolar weather.

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December 2nd, 2014

12:45 pm: All file and no dance makes lyra a dull person
At school. One little wing charm having a post-engraving soak in thinner.

Finnish pop music on the background.

Get me away from here T.T

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December 1st, 2014

10:21 pm: blurb.
tarot cards from a "looking for love" reading, courtesy of Aquarian Insight. it's free!

the cards have spokenCollapse )

sounds pretty good, right?

... maybe this is the cynic within me speaking, but what about reversals? this is why i ruin my readings - i twist and turn them around until my head explodes. this is why i take these with a grain of salt. i liked most of the stuff what the above website had to offer, though.

lyra is tired.... kinda. tired but can't sleep. and still cold. it was -6 C outside the last time i checked, and the cold really hit me today. i've been doing ok with the weather lately but NOT THIS MORNING. every minute i've spent outside, i've spent shivering. weird. i deal ok with cold weather most of the time.

i don't have much to say tonight. ran out of ashwagandha today. thank goodness! i'll buy capsulated ashwagandha tomorrow. i can vouch for some of the healing properties of ashwagandha. for example, some years ago i was very wart-prone and i had a few persistent warts. when i started taking ashwagandha daily (about two or three teaspoons if i remember correctly), most of the warts soon disappeared. i still have some on my left sole, but they don't bother me at all. it's supposed to do wonders for sleep and general vitality, but after ~2 weeks of use, i'm still waiting... *sigh* it's worked wonders for me in the past, though. i'll get my shxt together. i'll get my shxt together. i'll get my shxt together...

ok, i'll go now. it's laaaaaate.

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09:15 pm: *waves*

this is it now. THE new journal. will most likely continue as before. write on the bus via mobile LJ, incoherent babblings during lunch break, adrenaline-fueled declarations of love and hate on the bus after a night of swing dancing and whatnot. this usually means that entries will be FRIENDS ONLY, as the embarrassment factor that will undoubtedly rise the next day.

i can't think of a proper title for this journal right now...

*raises glass*
here's to the next 4ish years in journaling!

and i want to start with things that make me happy, so here's one of my current favourite songs:

e-girls - クルクル

let's do this~

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