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tea at the crimson palace

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23 June
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hey there everynyan.
profile is under construction as of november 2016 xD

as of january 2015, i've started watching my language and cleaning it from ableist slurs! (check out this page by Autistic Hoya for a guide on ableist expressions) if you spot me using one, feel free to point it out. thank you!~

also, because there are no longer any cool quizzes or blinkies or webrings to show off how awesome you are, the rest of this profile will be absolute junk to showcase my awesomeness and my friends' testimonials about how i'm the epitome of cool. or something like that.
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how precious.

Jungian Functions Test Results
Te (Extroverted Thinking) |||||| 25%
Ti (Introverted Thinking) |||||||||||||||| 65%
Ne (Extroverted Intuition) |||||||||||||||| 65%
Ni (Introverted Intuition) |||||||||| 40%
Se (Extroverted Sensing) |||||||||||||||||||| 85%
Si (Introverted Sensing) |||||| 30%
Fe (Extroverted Feeling) |||||||||||||| 60%
Fi (Introverted Feeling) |||||||||||| 45%
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You've got to catch up
And win the race
Straighten yourself out
You can do it
I know it seems
They're messing with your mind
But you don't have to go
Forward blind
So let the bygones be bygone
And let's make and end
To this sad, sad song

- No Doubt: "You Can Do It" -

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