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10:21 pm: blurb.
tarot cards from a "looking for love" reading, courtesy of Aquarian Insight. it's free!

What the Pursuit of Love Has Signified for You in the Past:

1. Fears - Any fears or worries that affected you looking for love in the past and may be worth considering at this time.

8 of Cups

On the surface all may seem fine, but inside there is a nagging feeling telling you that something is missing. It is time to find what is missing because until you do, real happiness cannot be achieved. Take time for yourself and find true fulfilment.


2. Experiences - This card may refer to your overall experience when you were looking for love in the past or what you remember the most from previous relationships/experiences.

9 of Wands

You have probably been working hard and pushing yourself and this is where exhaustion and doubt come in. You may be questioning whether this has been worth it and if you will ever reach the end. You are almost there and this card urges you to give that final push. This is not the time to give up as the end is within site.

3. Lingering Effects - All our experiences change us, for better of for worse; this card asks you to look at how your fears or experiences from the past have changed you and are affecting your current search for love.


May indicate a loving relationship. What is it that you really want now? When we love someone or something we choose that above all else, so decisions and choices are also indicated. Have you found something or someone that you’ve fallen in love with; a person, career, challenge or path in life?

4. Hopes - What energies are affecting your hopes in the search for love?

High Priestess

The Goddess card indicating femininity, particularly intuition and sexuality. Follow your instincts; the guidance required is contained within. Be aware of messages and signs around you; get in touch with your spirituality. A time of being found attractive by others; be sure to use this new found power wisely.

5. Obstacles to Overcome - This is a useful card that can help highlight inner or practical changes that need to be made to help you look for love.

6 of Swords

This card indicates a journey. You may physically go on this journey, i.e.; travelling or taking a short break but it may also indicate a journey taken within in the emotional realm. Either way, use this time to think about where you want to be and replenish your energy. Things are not perfect yet, but you’re getting there.

Finding Love:

6. The Outcome on this Particular Path in Your Search for Love - If the card that appears here seems unfavourable, it can be a great indicator of which areas need help to bring love into your life faster. This can also be an indication of where your love will come from or who it will be.

10 of Pentacles

A card of abundance and legacy. You have much to be grateful and happy for and this is something likely to be happily shared with friends and family. In fact the support of family and friends is indicated here. This card may also signify an inheritance.

sounds pretty good, right?

... maybe this is the cynic within me speaking, but what about reversals? this is why i ruin my readings - i twist and turn them around until my head explodes. this is why i take these with a grain of salt. i liked most of the stuff what the above website had to offer, though.

lyra is tired.... kinda. tired but can't sleep. and still cold. it was -6 C outside the last time i checked, and the cold really hit me today. i've been doing ok with the weather lately but NOT THIS MORNING. every minute i've spent outside, i've spent shivering. weird. i deal ok with cold weather most of the time.

i don't have much to say tonight. ran out of ashwagandha today. thank goodness! i'll buy capsulated ashwagandha tomorrow. i can vouch for some of the healing properties of ashwagandha. for example, some years ago i was very wart-prone and i had a few persistent warts. when i started taking ashwagandha daily (about two or three teaspoons if i remember correctly), most of the warts soon disappeared. i still have some on my left sole, but they don't bother me at all. it's supposed to do wonders for sleep and general vitality, but after ~2 weeks of use, i'm still waiting... *sigh* it's worked wonders for me in the past, though. i'll get my shxt together. i'll get my shxt together. i'll get my shxt together...

ok, i'll go now. it's laaaaaate.

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