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tea at the crimson palace

mercurial musings

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23 June
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hey there everynyan.

i'm lyra, addicted to coffee, west coast swing and learning new languages (currently learning: jp - cz - ro - hu)

i'm a professionally trained jewelsmith but realized it wasn't my forte and that the economic and personal circumstances aren't the best for me.. so i'm still finding my path in the world, at the tender age of 28... but it's alright.

in the mbti, i'm unapologetically estp (despite the rampant stereotypes) and the same in socionics. i've been into the mbti since 2014 and the more i study it, the more it confirms my type. my enneagram type is 7w8 and if i had to be a dungeons and dragons character, my alignment would be chaotic neutral.

lately i haven't been writing much, but i would like to resume keeping a journal at least semi-frequently since my life has turned quite busy during the latter half of 2016. life is a blink of an eye and we'll only remember fractions of it.

as of january 2015, i've started watching my language and cleaning it from ableist slurs! (check out this page by Autistic Hoya for a guide on ableist expressions) if you spot me using one, feel free to point it out. thank you!~

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